Lanie Holland is the Newest Girl of the Year. She has curly blond hair and loves the outdoors!There will be a photo contest of outdoor for girls age 8-13 to enter. They have to take pictures of outdoors and will get great prizes that have to do with Lanie. She is very pretty and girls already love her. I am going to enter the contest for photos. The best part about that is that I got a camera for Christmas that's blue and blue is so pretty and it's so fun to use but I haven't figured out how to use the vlume. For some reason when I make a video the volume doesn't work. Anyways Lanie is the newest AG Doll and she has a camper that has a bunch of things! You should toatally get her if you can. I want to! You can get a lot of matching outfits she has all of those nature T Shirts. You can also get a matching meet outfit and pajamas.
New girl of Year

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